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mamAuto sp.j. professional working in the automotive industry. The main pillar of our bisiness is the dismanting of vehicles. We also sell genuine auto parts. We heve tousands of parts for almost all models. We invite you to use our services !

Our station disassembly is the most technologically advenced of it’s kind in Kyuavian- and as one the few in Poland meets all environmental requirements imposed by the Europen Union.

In December 2007 , we completed a new investment , the effect of which is to provide professional vehicle dismanting station. On te basis of the decision of the Kujawsko -Pomorskie we licensed dismanting ( scrapping ) of all types of vehicle, thus releasing the certificate necessary to deregister a vehicle in the Departments of Communication in Poland. We are proud that our project because of its innovation and care for the environment is classified as a second Kuyavian- and is co-financed by the Eurpen Union form the ERDF under the Integrated Regnional Operational Programme and the state budget.

Parts offered by us are of the highest quality. This is done firstly through technologically advanced devices to test the removed parts. Secondly, wy built to professional high-bay warehouses, which protects our part against the negative influence of weather conditions.

In order to register a vehicle for dismanting welcome to contact us or fill the form in section buying vehicles.

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NIP 8921419459

REGON 911362519

BDO 000020487


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Skup aut Bydgoszcz i Toruń
Auto złom Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Płock, Płońsk, Włocławek

Sales of auto parts

In our company you will find used auto parts that will save you money and make your car come back into shape. We have an extensive product base, so we hope you will find the auto parts you need. Each product is thoroughly checked by us and we guarantee its trouble-free operation. It’s important to us that the used car parts that we sell serve you as long as possible. Check our parts for the car and see how much we have prepared for you. When you buy from us, you can be sure that our specialists will help you choose the right parts for your car according to your specification.

If you have not found what you are looking parts of our search engine, please contact us by email or phone 530 530 573. A maximum of 24 hours you will receive from us about the availability, the price of the part and shipping conditions. No contact with our website within 24 hours means that at the moment we do not have the search portion.

We also sell on the portal Allegro. Below is a link to our store where there are over 49 000 pieces.

Części używane do samochodów


If you want to legally scrub your vehicle – contact our consultant to discuss the details – we offer you various forms of contact:

We pick up vehicles mainly in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship as well as from nearby cities and surrounding areas such as:







Kujawko pomorskie


If you live further – no problem! Call 510 503 510 – we’ll get along!

Purchase of vehicles


In the case of vehicle ownership certificate of the dismantling of all co-owners must sign or authorize the scrapping of one person. form of an authorization


If the registration card has been lost or detained by the police must obtain a certificate confirming the details or a copy of the registration certificate from the Department of Communications


In case of loss , damage or theft of arrays must write a statement about the lack of tables model declaration

VEHICLE SAFETY – if issued

If the card was lost or destroyed must write a statement of the loss CARD model declaration


Where a vehicle is purchased and not yet re-registered , you must submit a purchase contract of sale . If there are more agreements should provide all of the original owner appearing on the registration to the last buyer who scraps a car. Contracts must be legible , having all the necessary elements for the validity of the contract ( Civil Code ) .


If the co-owner of the vehicle is a bank or leasing company , provide consent for the sale of the vehicle or confirmation of the end of the loan agreement or lease. In case of death of the owner or co-owner must submit the decision of the court.

Skup aut Bydgoszcz i Toruń


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    The cassation carried out by our employees runs smoothly and professionally. After its completion you will receive a document confirming this action. This is very important due to the fact that the cancellation of the vehicle involves the necessity of its de-registration.

    We provide free transport of the vehicle!
    Our driver will pay you the cash immediately!
    We will issue you with a certificate of dismantling necessary to de-register the vehicle in the Communication Department and the unused OC liability required for settlement.


    +48 510 503 510

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      Items marked with * are required.